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Sustainable Development Goals for all

The 2020 EUROGEO Annual Meeting and Conference “Sustainable Development Goals for all” of the European Association of Geographers will be held in Madrid, Spain on 23-24 April 2020

The purpose of EUROGEO 2020 is to seek to contribute to global challenges by sharing knowledge about the important UN aim – the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conference EUROGEO 2020 will aim to address cross-cutting issues such as:

How do geographers respond to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

How do universities and companies respond?

Does the use of technologies and open data help to achieve SDGs?

How to understand problems and eco-social challenges that we face in the situation of Global Change?

Is it possible to explore ways of transforming towards the sustainability of socio-ecological systems, using educational contexts and resources?

What conceptual frameworks and strategies can contribute to the construction of societies in which human welfare and the care of nature are the basis?

What research responses can geography bring to dealing with complex challenges?

How should education respond to needs of society and the world around us?

What is geography‘s contribution to meeting the sustainable development goals?

«EUROGEO 2020: Sustainable Development Goals for All» will provide opportunities to discuss the potential of Geographical research to respond today to future issues and to the needs of society and the world.

For more information: EUROGEO 2020

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