Ukrainian geopolitical fault-line cities 


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Ukraine’s hidden tragedy

‘Ukraine’s hidden tragedy: understanding the outcomes of population displacement from the country’s war torn regions’ is a research project of interdisciplinary team from the University of Birmingham, University of Oxford and Ukrainian Catholic University.

The project’s overarching argument is that meaningful post-conflict reconstruction, and reconciliation, cannot take place without a full understanding of problems that people displaced by the conflict face and their full incorporation into social, economic and legal structures within the country.

Accommodation of Regional Diversity in Ukraine 

 "Accommodation of Regional Diversity in Ukraine" (ARDU) is a reserach project studying identity and political reform in Ukraine. It examines how ethnicity, language and regional-local identity interact within the context of political reform in Ukraine. The project’s main aim is to find out to what extent, and how, current Ukrainian decentralisation, education and language policies affect social cohesion among ethnocultural groups in two very different border regions. 

Project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (NORRUSS Plus Programme)

Geographical Perspectives on war and cities

'The Urbicide of Beirut: Geographical Perspectives on war and cities' is a reaerch project focused empirically on Beirut, and studies how the State and non-state actors like irregular militias and private security contractors coexist in everyday urban spaces both in times of war and in times of peace, and how the boundaries between state and nonstate often blur.

Geo-politics of borders, mobilities and planning

'Transformation and Transnationalization of state spaces: Geo-politics of borders, mobilities and planning in the Arctic' is a research project which aimed to analyse and conceptualise how spatial transformation occurs in the context of transnational regionalisation process in the Arctic, with specific emphasis on the Arctic Finland and adjacent regions and states.

The integrated research approach created in this project aims at renewing the theory of state transformation towards more context-sensitive and transnational direction

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