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8th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference

8th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference CATference 2019 was held in Belgrade on 26-29 September

CAT – Cities after Transition – is a network of scholars interested in the cities and urban spaces of Central and Eastern Europe and, increasingly, beyond. It started as a small network of professional geographers, but has gradually evolved into a large multidisciplinary community of more than 300 members, including (besides geographers) sociologists, anthropologists, architects, planners and experts of other provenances.

The overall theme of the 8th CATference – “Comparing Cities after Transition” – have built on CAT’s long-standing endeavour to build bridges between and within urban research communities. The main goal of the conference was to encourage conversations of a comparative nature regarding cities and urbanism in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, as well as on other contexts frequently referred to as “post-socialist”.

Scientists from Kyiv Department of Ukrainian Geographical Society have actively participated in the CAtference.

For more information, please visit web-site of the CATference-2019




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