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Declaration by the International Geographical Union

Statement by the Polish Geographical Society on the military attack by Russia on Ukraine

Statement by the Nordic geographical societies: Stop the War in Ukraine

     The Geographical Society of Finland

     The Norwegian Geographical Society

     The Royal Danish Geographical Society

     The Estonian Geographical Society

     The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography

Geographical Institute RCAES, Hungary: In solidarity with Ukraine



Dear colleagues and friends! 


Welcome to the official website of Kyiv Department of the Ukrainian Geographical Society! 

Kyiv Department is the oldest branch of the Ukrainian Geographical Society. It was established in 1873 as a part of South Western Department of the Russian Geographical Society. 

Priorities and strategies change over time, but traditions remain. Disseminating and exchanging of geographical information and knowledge, supporting geographical research, promoting of high-quality geographical education and understanding of the importance of geography by government authorities and the public have been our tasks for a long time. At the same time, we want geography to move forward and we strive to achieve a qualitative improvement in geographical publications. 

The world is changing and humanity is facing new challenges. Our goal is to react to them on time and to find solutions to problems. 

Today Kyiv Department includes more than 300 members from different spheres of activity: science, education, public administration, publishing, etc. These are leading scientists and young students, teachers and journalists, businessmen and artists... 

We invite everyone who is concerned with geography, geographical knowledge, science and education to enter the Ukrainian Geographical Society, which is opened to every person who shares our values and goals. 

We express a strong desire for this website to be used as a source of geographical information and as a place of information exchange not only by the members of the Society, but also by all the people who are eager to learn geography. We do hope, that it will contribute to self-improvement, studying and realization of own geographical research and discovery. 

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